Civil Services Examination 2015 Result is Round the Corner

Civil Services Examination 2015 Result is Round the Corner

It is time when our new super­heroes are in the making. Yes, soon the final result’^ of Civil Services Examination 2015 is going to be announced.


This summer, I am out to enrich my knowledge with the insight all toppers share while narrating their success stories.

Incredibly talented youngsters will create expression by showing courage, commitment and capabili­ties and would find place in the merit list to be announced soon by UPSC.

None of the candidates inter­viewed know what is in store—yes, there is hope; but, who among these candidates would grab the top slot, only time will tell.

Till then, remain optimistic !

I am really keen to meet the successful candidates to know about their preparation strategies, experi­ences and their journey towards their dream career destination.

In next issue, we will talk about the toppers and will share their success stories in detail.

Coming back to Civil Services Examination 2016 preparation strategy and discuss about the priori­ties.